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DONT CAR-E BAG Metallic Purple


Limited Edition*

DONT CAR-E BAG Flash Purple


Limited Edition*



Limited Edition*

DONT CAR-E BAG Black Color


Limited Edition*

MID-CAR-E BAG Grey Color


Limited Edition*


Unlock your style with our on-demand high street fashion! When you buy, we craft a unique piece just for you.

Explore the collection, contact us, and in 30 business days, step into a world where slow fashion meets elevated style.

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Jordan Hanuka founded the Jordi brand after graduating from Shenkar in 2021. With an emphasis on patterns and attention to detail, this brand offers high-street fashion for men.

There is a story behind each collection, a significant creative process that is characterized and woven together with the customer.

In the upcoming fashion week, Gordy will present her first major “Ready to Wear” men’s collection.
High-street fashion meets high-tech in the meticulous collection featuring designs adapted to the audience.


Three years ago, my beloved Mom was forced to fight (AND, thankfully, WON!) Breast Cancer. Following her illness, she asked me to get tested for the BRCA gene. A gene that increases the chances of breast and ovarian cancer by 85%; unfortunately, I was diagnosed as a carrier. Beyond this fact, I didn’t know too much. Despite the bad news, I refused to take action.

I continued living my life, ignoring the warning signs and hiding any reasonable concern behind childish optimism. Honestly, I wouldn’t have urged myself to get tested unless my Mom’s persistent. About Two months ago, I felt that the time had come. Suddenly, I heard that inner voice calling me to take action. To be accountable for my health in the present and make the right decisions for my future well-being.

I knew I had to take action, but I didn’t even know where to begin. Then, I realized that creating an action plan for my personal life should be no different from creating one for a new project.

(**I will further expand on mapping the client’s needs in the next chapters). I realized that implementing the same methods into my personal life might help me to recreate a successful outcome. My research was awakening—a personal earthquake that no one else could feel but me. It emphasized the dissonances between my Self-esteem vs. how the world sees me.

It reminded me of the White Rabbit who appears in Alice in Wonderland, rushing with a ticking clock, leading her to a journey that is detached from reality. Hence the name of my next project –
The White Rabbit.

I believe that sooner or later, the White Rabbit will meet each of us; I was just the next in line; it happened that now was the right time or place for him to come into my life.

A week later, I got the invitation to present during the Tel Aviv Fashion Week!

As a designer, I choose to take advantage of the potential exposure and influence to raise awareness of issues to which I am personally attached. I do not doubt that the timing was not a coincidence here.

I will leverage this project to raise awareness of testing for the BRCA gene’s carrier. With the odds of 1 out of 4 carrying the gene and an 85% severity of being affected by it, I must shout it out loud! – Taking the necessary actions shall dramatically reduce the likelihood of getting sick. But that can’t be done unless we get tested.

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